Nail Care

Before Treatment


Please note - due to health & safety hygiene regulations, if you have any of the following contra indications on either your hands or feet, I will not be able to conduct a manicure or pedicure.

• Warts
• Verrucas
• Athletes Foot
• Fungal nail infections & Diseases
• Skin infections
• Open Cuts or wounds
• Recent scar tissue under 3/6 months
• Broken bones
• Swollen toes, ankles or hands
• Extreme Eczema or Psoriasis

Clients with extremely sensitive skin need to have a skin patch test at Nutty About Nails, before any treatment(s) can be undertaken to avoid any allergic reaction(s).

I also follow strict hygiene rules by always sterilising, sanitising and disinfecting my tools and workstation to stop any cross infections between clients


After Care


Care of the Hands

It’s always good to have a routine in place to look after your hands.  This can make your manicures last longer, and keep those wrinkles at bay!  Our hands are always busy doing something, so treat them with care and protect them.

• Always wear gloves whilst gardening, washing up or using any strong chemicals ie bleach.
• Apply hand cream every time you wash your hands to restore moisture, and last thing at night.
• Massage cuticle oil onto the nail plate twice a day to encourage healthy nail growth.
• Nails which are filed or cut straight across the nail edge are stronger than ones which are rounded or pointed.
• Always treat any nail infections straight away.  The sooner it is dealt with the quicker it will go away.
• Do not use your finger nails as tools.
• When painting your own nails, always use a base coat under polish to stop staining on the nail plate and allow polish to adhere to the base coat.
• Using a top coat prevents the polish from chipping and gives finished nail a great shine.

Care of the Feet

Sometimes our feet are the last thing we think about in the busy lives we all lead.  If you follow this daily routine and care for your feet, they will look after you.

• Always wash and dry your feet every day.
• Moistures daily, they need TLC too.  For an added treat, moisturise at night and wear cotton socks to bed.
• Wear clean tights and socks.
• Cut your toenails straight across at the nail edge, and try not to let them get too long.
• Wear correctly fitting shoes or trainers to stop friction on your toes or heels.
• Only wear high heeled shoes for short periods of time.
• Always treat any foot infections straight away.  The sooner they are dealt with the quicker you will get rid of them.


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